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About SunOrShade Solutions


Side-lighting, bringing horizontal light into the built environment, is more than a fabric openness factor.  When specifying side-lighting (roller shades, blinds, draperies) first identify the glazing, occupant average age, and use of space. Then identify control objectives: compliance to a stringent energy code, green building initiatives, or owner preferences to identify the best system.  Sun Or Shade solutions includes a thorough review of all objectives.


Bringing natural light from the top of the building, top-lighting, is a design strategy that is sometimes required by the building energy code. Regardless of code, using diffused, natural light from above can reduce the contrast ratio and provide even illumination with a high color rendering index, making it easier to see. Component skylights can include an LED source, lens specific for the ceiling height, and dimming capabilities for electric and natural light to supply top-lighting, day and night.


Sun Or Shade solutions harvest free, plentiful, natural light from the envelope of the building and integrate it to the electric light with the fewest amount of components possible. This reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) for all stakeholders and ensures a quality system that owners enjoy from day one. 

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